1. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend the public auction. No children/minors under the age of 18 will be allowed in the viewing or bidding areas at any time.
  2. A bidding number is required for admission to the auction which may be obtained with a valid U.S. Driver’s License or State ID and a fee of $5.00 cash. The $5.00 cash admission fee is non-refundable and is not applicable toward the purchase of any vehicle(s). Bidding numbers will be sold starting at 8:00 a.m. Only persons with bidding numbers will be admitted to the auction bay.
  3. Vehicles to be auctioned may be inspected beginning at 9:00. . Entering or starting of vehicles at anytime will not be permitted because of liability to the City. Persons observed removing parts or taking personal property from vehicles will be charged with theft.
  4. Bids will be received in minimum of $10.00 unless specified differently.
  5. Auction attendees will be confined to the auction area only. Access to other portions of the Impound Lot is prohibited.
  6. Titles to vehicles sold at the auctions are uncontested. Previous owners have no rights to the vehicles and no liens charges previously issued are collectable from the new owner.
  7. Vehicles are sold “AS IS-WHERE IS”, with no guarantees or representations be made as to the condition, model year or mileage. All Sales are final. NO REFUNDS WILL BE MADE.
  8. No repair work will be allowed on the lot other than that necessary to prepare the vehicle for towing. You will not be allowed to bring in another car to do jump starts. Only one tire may be changed. The City assumes no responsibility for injury or damage involved in the acts of the purchaser or their agents. Contents may not be removed from vehicle until it is removed from the auction bay or 24 hour lot. FOR SAFETY REASONS, NO VEHICLES CAN BE MOVED UNTIL THE AUCTION IS OVER.
  9. If you are a successful bidder, you will be given a card showing the number of the vehicle and the price you agreed to pay. You must pay for the vehicle in full by 4:00 pm the same day of the auction. Take your bidding number and card(s) to the Impound Lot Office. Your bidding number must accompany the card(s). The bidding number must be turned in and you will not be allowed to bid on any more vehicles. You must pay for ALL vehicles successfully bid. If you are associated with a “no-pay” vehicle(s), you will be placed on a “no-pay” list and will not be allowed to attend the next 12 consecutive auctions.
  10. We accept cash, American Express, VISA, Mastercard and pre-approved business checks.
  11. No vehicle purchased at the auction may be driven unless with valid plates or a 21-day permit. Permits are issued to those persons showing valid insurance coverage in the buyer’s name. They will only be issued the day of the auction and the following Friday morning up until 12:00 pm.
  12. Vehicles must be removed from the Impound lot by 2:00 pm the day after the auction. They may be removed between the hours of 7:00 am to dusk. The City will not be responsible for the cars or their contents after the sale.
  13. If you plan to register the title and purchase license plates, you must request a bill of sale at the Impound office. There is a $10.00 fee for this service. Bill of sales will only be made out in the name of the purchaser. To re-license the vehicle, the bill of sale must be taken to the State Motor Vehicle Division where the sales tax, license fees, and transfer will be collected. Purchasers will be liable for the license fee from the date of sale. No back license fees will be charged against the vehicle. The back of the bill of sale has a vehicle safety report which must be filled out and signed by a peace officer or certified auto mechanic before the state will transfer the title or issue license plates. This inspection is the responsibility of the purchaser. DO NOT CALL 911 to have your vehicle inspected. The Minneapolis Police Department will not send out officers to make this inspection. When a duplicate bill of sale is requested, there will be a $10.00 fee levied for this service.
  14. The City of Minneapolis reserves the right to refuse any and all bids